Development Review & Requirements for Submittals


The Committee meets the last Wednesday of the month at 11 a.m. on an as needed basis. Contact the Planning Department, at 231-922-4677, to request a development review and scheduling a Committee meeting.

Application Fee

  • $90 per development
Checks may be made out to "Grand Traverse County."

Plan Submittal

Twenty copies of the plan shall be submitted to the Planning and Development Department at least 3 weeks prior to the last Wednesday of the month along with the required application fee (non-refundable). Copies shall be folded to allow it to fit into a 9" x 12" envelope.

Plan Content

The plans shall contain the following minimum information for review:
  1. Boundary
    • Tax or fractional description
    • Show adjacent property lines/road connections
    • Known easements or restrictions
    • Zoning of principal and adjacent lands and the existing use of the principal and existing land.
    • Location Maps
  2. Topographic Information
    • U.S.G.S. contouring/wetland limits
    • Aerial photo--tree massing, physical improvements
  3. Proposed improvements
    • Type of approval, i.e., PUD, Condominium, etc.
    • Road jurisdiction--public, private, MDOT, etc. (Information as to the type of ownership of the proposed road(s) is to be clearly marked on the cover sheet of the site plan.
    • Road layout with general dimensions of curvature and radii
    • Lot layout with general dimensions and areas
    • Schematic storm water management plan
    • Schematic sewer and water provisions, hydrant locations, specifications and soils information
    • Common area structures